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We call the businesses we own and operate, Social Enterprise. Utilizing these businesses we are able to employ and train people of all abilities in WA State; creating inclusive environments where everyone is given the chance to reach their potential.
We have repositioned our business model to focus energy on creating a diverse workforce that employs people of all abilities working side by side. The results are simply incredible! Businesses have experienced an increase in sales, productivity and innovative thinking; absenteeism levels have dropped and general morale is high. The benefits from this diverse working environment are universal. Everyone contributes their expertise and point of view to allow unique and comprehensive business solutions to flourish.
These Social Enterprises also provide the foundation for Northwest Center’s Programs that serve children and adults with developmental conditions in Washington State. The proceeds from these successful businesses are channeled directly into our programs and administrative costs; they allow Northwest Center to sustain a basic level of service to our community. When customers patronize a business operated by Northwest Center, they are not only receiving world class quality and customer service, they are contributing to our mission.
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Northwest Center owns and operates 10 businesses. View our Business Profile Page for more information.



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