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Role of Philanthropy

Northwest Center’s programs help to address the diverse needs of people with developmental disabilities in our community. Barriers to employment and child care, coordination of quality therapy services, and access to family support resources are all challenges our clients and families face in their daily lives. Your contribution provides critical funding needed to sustain, enhance and grow our programs so that we can reach and serve more individuals, and better serve our clients and their families.

Through our unique social enterprise model, and the generosity of our corporate partners, 100% of individual donations goes directly to our programs.

We serve families at every stage of life. Our services provide a long-term partnership of support for individuals and their families- from birth through adulthood.

We never turn a child away. We are one of very few providers who never turn a child away due to the severity of their disability or their family’s ability to pay. Your support helps to provide uncompensated early intervention services so that ALL children have access to the most effective therapy tools.

80% of people with a disability say they want to work; fewer than 15% in our state do. Your support helps decrease that gap through additional job coaches, technical support and staffing resources to help educate MORE employers AND place more individuals in paid jobs each year, including School-to-Work programs.

A Gift To Northwest Center Helps to Fund:

  • Early intervention therapists
  • Special educators in our early learning classrooms
  • Continuing education and training for staff
  • Dedicated classroom supports to serve specific needs/conditions
  • Adaptive learning and communication tools
  • Community employment consultants
  • Learning and work opportunities for all!


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