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Inclusion Works!

We all believe that people with disabilities benefit from having a job. But the employers who hire them are often astonished at how the entire workforce is enhanced. When coworkers enjoy their jobs, focus obsessively on production and quality, and love being part of a team, the positives are contagious. Companies reimagine processes and even “best practices” to everyone’s benefit. Productivity, morale, and customer satisfaction improve. It’s a strategic advantage that competitors can’t touch.



Faiza at Two Big Blondes Consignment Store - Seattle

After spending the last 3 years volunteering in the community each day to gain the skills she needed to get a job at age 21, Faiza is now the newest employee at Two Big Blondes Plus Size Consignment. She works in retail as part of the store’s sales team. Read more...





Zach at Northwestern Mutual - Bellevue

Ask Zach what he likes best about his administrative assistant job at Northwestern Mutual and Bellevue, and you’ll get two answers: being productive and interacting with his coworkers. Ask his coworkers what they like best about Zach, and they’ll tell you exactly the same thing. Read more...





Larissa at DERMagic Animal Skin Care

It was a classic business dilemma. Adelia Richey knew that if she could get pet stores and veterinarian offices to try her DERMagic line of skin care for animals, she could turn them into customers. But she didn’t have the time or the staff to put together sample sizes. Read more...





Edwin at UFC Gym Roosevelt

Ed doesn’t work out. He doesn’t train members. He’s never even stepped in the boxing ring. Yet his work as a custodian is crucial to the success of UFC Gym, a boxing and training center in Roosevelt. Read more...





Scott at Pacific Rim Equipment Rental

Scott wasn’t about to wait for a job to come to him. After 20 years working in the same position, he was more than ready for a change.  Wally Tablit, Director of Community Employment Services, remembers it like this: “Scott was so motivated. He called his job coordinator every day – ‘Hey, what’s up? What job leads do you have?’” Read more...




Chris in W. Seattle

Our Mission in Action: Chris's Story

At 7 a.m. while sleepy West Seattleites enjoy their weekend reprieve, Northwest Center’s Chris is packing his lunch for the full day ahead of him. The newest addition to the West Seattle “Big Blue Truck” donation station team, Chris sees his work as a way to give back to his community. Read more...




The Gebhardt Family Story

The Gebhardt Family Story

Northwest Center really opened our eyes to the possibilities of what life could be like for our daughter—they made us realize her potential. In addition to working with our daughter, they gave us (her parents) many tools and showed us ways to help her progress, help us communicate with her our – things that we may have not realized before. Read more...





A Job for Jason

Jason is a valuable member and the newest employee of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in Renton, WA where he supports the office by organizing new member packets, filing and organizing information, and helping to keep the office tidy.  It is a job Jason enjoys, and it is a job that just a few months ago seemed out of reach. Read more...





Proud to Welcome You: Preston

Getting a job when you’re a teenager isn’t the same as it used to be. We all remember that helpful next door neighbor, well connected family friend or local business owner down the street who used to be a reliable source for that all-important first job (and even more important, first paycheck). Read more...





Jackson Federal Building: Debbie

Last week I met Debbie, who supervises the janitorial teams at a number of facilities in downtown Seattle including everything from historic office buildings to modern skyscrapers housing an array of government agencies and officials — an imposing stretch of real estate and a huge responsibility. Read more...





School to Work: Erika's Job at Value Village

Erika began participating in Northwest Center’s School 2 Work program in late June of this year. In that short period of time she has made absolutely extraordinary progress in her search for community employment. From the start, Erika demonstrated an eagerness to work that is hard to ignore. She is an employer’s dream come true; Erika is bi-lingual, dedicated, polite, enthusiastic , independent and most of all, she WANTS TO WORK. Read more...




Without Filters: Michelle

On Thursday I took two business colleagues on a tour of our manufacturing facilities. When we finally reached Michelle’s workstation she wanted to show off her new teeth and tell us about the whole process of her recent oral surgery. “Money,” she explained, getting immediately to the heart of the matter. “Shot,” she added, gesturing to her gums as if clarifying a great mystery. Then she wanted to know what I was doing for Thanksgiving. Read more...




Sign 2 Me: Tracy

As part of our Customized Employment Training Program, clients are provided Employment Readiness Training at one of our many Northwest Center owned and operated businesses. Tracy previously worked in our Assembly & Packaging facility, located at our South Park campus as part of her Employment Readiness training. While employed in the warehouse, Tracy learned many skills that eventually lead to a successful job placement. Read more...




Margaret Loves Her Job!

One thing you should know about Margaret is that she loves working at Northwest Center. A long time member of the family, Margaret has worked in a variety of positions; most recently she was offered a position at our custom magnet manufacturing business, Electronetics, where she pre-assembles the components used to produce Electrical Transformers and Inductors. Read more...



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